Market for Pool Alarms?????? This is funny in a way


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PATERSON, N.J. - Daisy Valdivia is annoyed that someone stole her backyard pool — and baffled at how they did it without leaving behind a splash, drip or trace of the 1,000 gallons of water it contained.

Valdivia awoke to find her family’s hip-high, inflatable, 10-foot diameter swimming pool gone from her back yard Wednesday.

Valdivia told The Record of Bergen County the theft must have occurred between 1 a.m., when her husband went to bed, and 5 a.m., when she awoke.

She’s amazed someone could steal the pool that quickly and just wanted to know “what the heck they did with the water,” she said
They should have had a RFID chip on the pool, to notify them when it moved from the backyard to the frontyard. :)
Heck a low water level detector might have worked :lol:

If the article information is accurate that is a pretty good theif. Seems impossible in a way to get rid of that much water that fast. Mabe it was aliens :)
This was a simple task. They brought in herd of 118 momma cows, they sucked the pool dry, then the thiefs disasembled the pool and off they went.

Maybe some electro-shock gadget install would have prevented it.