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Does anyone know of a software plugin for Media center that will allow me to make my own pop up messages (similar to the box in the lower right that pops up to tell you that All Tuners are in Use, or Recording Conflict)?

I would love to set up reminders, such as to take medication, or to read alert messages from the Elk M1 (I can't always understand what it is saying) but the tv is always on in our house.
If you are developer-inclined, you can make your own extensions to MCE. I only briefly started reviewing what was involved but didn't make it that far (I'm still focusing on getting the infrastructure and elk setup before moving to software control).

I haven't seen anything else.
Well, I am not really programming inclined.

But I did just figure out that I could send messages from homeseer to the MCE screen using YAC, and homeseer. Unfortunately it disappears too quickly to use as a reminder. But it is nice for using as additional alerts for elk and homeseer, and it gets seen on all computers throughout my network
The YAC timeout is adjustable, but there is no way I know of to get it to stay until acknowledged or to make it clear the screen quicker than the timeout.
I created a webserver remote which I run on my MCE pc, then I can control it from HS events with just GetURL commands. I also added support for a popup message like you are talking about which I send CID and other HS announcements to the MCE screen. I still consider it beta software as I'm still working on it and haven't written any help documents for it yet. READ HERE for more information.

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