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Sometimes I miss the obvious, or I have a bad case of CRS :huh:

What I'm looking for is a program to convert midi files to MP3 for burning to a CD. I think I've seen it before, I may even have it, but... a bad case of CRS.

Over the years I've downloaded a few midi files that were soso ok maybe. The other night I ran across a collection of BLOW YOU AWAY midi files- Xmas Music


If you hit the link, one of my favorites is First Noel - Sax, Island Beat version.

Playing these on my Media PC through my surround sound system is awsome.

Back to my question, burning to a CD in MP3. Possible?

You want to convert the Midi files to .wav first as the midi files are just 'data', not actual audio. You either need to use some software to convert it correctly, or patch your speaker out jack into your line in/mic so you can record it as a wav. Most soundcard nowadays have full support for playing midi files, so they almost sound like real audio, and not like elevator music as they used to sound like when played back on older/cheaper sound cards (back in the days, you needed a card such as the SB AWE32 to play these nicely).
Thanks, and I believe there is a trial, so try it first before buying it, there might be other similar apps out there which can do this for free (didn't find any right away tho).
Thanks e.

I prowled around my computer programs some more, and there it was!
I thought I had something already when I made my post, but you know CRS!

iTunes will convert a midi to MP3

The default conversion is ACC but change preferences to MP3

Edit...Perferences...Importing...Import using...

works great (192kbps)
Be aware that the synthesizer you use (on the audio card in most PCs) has a lot to do with whether the MIDI file sounds good or not, because MIDI is performance data (note on, note off, attack %age, volume level, parameter change, etc.), not the sound itself. It can sound great on a machine with a great synthesizer section on the audio card, or better on a system where the MIDI is pumped into professional equipment such as Yamaha and Korg synth keyboard or modules. Or it can sound like crap on a PC with a cheap synth on the audio card.

I personally use a synth package and external MIDI keyboards and gear, playing MIDI and recording digital audio at the same time, then convert the raw WAV digital audio file to MP3. It helps to know what MIDI audio sources the author originally used, as using the same gear will allow you to hear how they wanted it to sound.

As a test, try playing the MIDI file attached on your PC:
PeterGunn.MID (18k)

then play this MP3, made with the file above:
PeterGunnA.mp3 (2.3MB)

Any difference beside the size? ;-)
the Creative cards allowed you to update the "Sound fonts", but not sure if newer cards let you do this.

iTunes sure is tempremental!!!!

It wants to change the names of the songs when it imports the midi files!!!

Well, at least it is converting them to MP3's, and the software was free!

Thanks electron and Huggy for your input and explanations.
Double Dang on iTunes!!!!

After converting the midi to MP3, and renaming the songs to what they were originally before importing into iTunes, time to burn the MP3's to CD, WRONG!!!

iTunes does a pop up and says it can't burn the tracks to CD !!!!!

Copy the MP3 tracks from iTunes over to Windows Media PLayer, finally got the tracks burned!!!!

I guess all the great things I've read about iTunes....... crap