Modifying monitor mode on onq /greyfox intercom


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I was reading this post:

and found some interesting thing. When i tried to get pibn layouts / assistance, was told they couldn't help. I think ELK has me spoiled with their level of service, many other companies just don't get it. And when their products could be improved, they just don't listen.

basically - i see the problems in the intercom as follows (at least when i reviewed it - is currently down or i'd double check):

1) monitor mode sends output to all keypads
2) paging/announcements also go to all rooms
3) don't think i can monitor more than one room at a time

Thus in the case of monitoring a baby's room at night, i'd only want the output in the master bedroom. For announcements, i would want the output to baby's room muted when sleeping (ok, so i could probably just disable the volume on the unit there)

anyway based on the pin layouts above (which is what i wanted), i was thinking i could use an output/relay expansion to intercept all stations keypadsfeed of the speaker output. Normally closed, but set up a rule in the Elk to open contacts when monitor mode is on and time > 8:pm or something.

I guess only question is what the green/monitor line would do? Can i put that into an Elk input monitor that to see if monitor mode is on? or is it something more?

anyway - don't plan on forking out the money for the on-q unless i can do use as a selective monitor and still get standard capabilities without changing room level volume...