Multi-port video cards take 500


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I lost my entire video capture setup due to a lightning strike so I'm starting over. I think I want to try one of the multi-port capture cards but unlike others I only care to see one camera at a time. Any recommendations on a good card that can be interfaced via the web one camera at a time?
Do you want still images or video?

I assume you mean something like:



Many DVRs can FTP jpegs for stills so if thats all you need it's not too hard to find. I have looked for video before however didn't have much luck, if you read through the Video Insight SDK it says it can do it. I never bought one to play with so I still don't know. If you can get that going then you might additionally have something like video LAN to transcode it to whatever you need.

***If you don't care about having to install an activeX control in the internet explorer or using a client program every networkable DVR I have ever seen has means for viewing 1 camera at a time most will optionally auto switch between them with specified delays per camera.
Hey Rupp I use a Hauppauge WinTV2USB for input, and do the switching externally wth an ASEL video switcher controlled from Homeseer.