my current wiring for speaker/siren


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Ok guys, I'm reviewing my wiring diagram. Right now, I'm looking at the speaker/siren wiring. I'm using 18/4 and I have a long wire from the speaker/siren location downto to the headend. Since I will be using m1xin that is also hooked to the m1dbh board, can I terminate the speaker/siren to the m1xin board so that I don't have to run a very long 18/4 downto the headend anymore? If it's possible, is there any extra wire I need to add from the m1xin location downto the m1dbh or m1?


WayneW said:
the XIN has nothing to do with siren/speaker.
Ok. Just want to make sure from what I understand from your response. I should not connect the speaker/siren to the XIN expander board. I was hoping that I can save wires. :)

I will push through with old wiring for the speaker/siren.


Connecting a siren to the M1XIN Input Expander will do lots of NOTHING!! :)

Speakers should only be connected to Output 1 or Output 2 on the M1. If you have a self contained siren you could use a relay output like Output 3 and write some Rules to turn it ON and OFF. Output 2 can also be configured in the Installer Menu Global setup as a voltage output to control a self contained siren.