My New Downloads page


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Gang, check my new signature for the link to my new downloads page. It contains link to all the graphics I've created for MainLobby and HomeSeer over the past year or so. I've also created new accounts on my server with user/password combos of cocoon/cocoon, seer/seer, and cinemar/cinemar in an attempt to see where the traffic (several dozen hits a day) comes from.

Of course, most folks will reflexively use guest/guest, so it's not perfect (and I don't want to disable that account). And of course you can be sneaky and use any one of the three combos, regardless of where you access from :blink:
Well, this has produced some humorous results.

I've had several failed logins for username "steer"

and, what appears to be, people trying to use their cocoontech usernames to get in.