MythTV 0.17 has been released


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Some of the biggest changes (from
  • Native support for the frontend (ie., almost everything but recording) running on Mac OS X. I'll probably be buying a Mini myself at some point for an extra frontend in the bedroom, so that's pretty cool.
  • "Timestretch". Though, it's really 'time-compression'. This allows the user to adjust the playback speed slightly, but keeps the audio at the same pitch. If you're recording a lot of shows, timestretch lets you get through them faster. =)
  • Big improvements to both DVB and HDTV (for the pcHDTV cards) support. They're much more useable, with less manual configuration. Also, there's a new-ish HDTV capable card (the Air2PC) that uses the DVB drivers in Linux and is capable of receiving unencrypted broadcasts from cable TV. I just recently bought one, but haven't had time to set it up yet.
  • A firewire capture method was just added, for those with cable boxes capable of firewire output (Motorola DCT-6200 + cousins, SA 3250, etc).
  • And brand new this week: wide screen/HDTV support in the user interface. The theme in that screen shot is still under construction, but it's included in the 0.17 release (Minimalist-wide).
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