Need New Home NAS - Thinking of Going w/ Synology

BraveSirRobbin said:
I received the Synology unit and two hard drives.  Installed the drives, downloaded the manager software, configured to a RAID 1, then let the system check for disk errors.
After that configured some users and shared files and copied everything over from the old drive.  All is working now.  I didn't download any other applications yet.
I would like to get some sort of imaging backup automatically going with my two desktops and one laptop here at my home.
Take a look at UrBackup.
Pretty sure they have a Synology app, I use it on my qnap, then copy that to an offsite synology using RSync.
Thinking that Microsoft OneDrive Backup is free if you sync or connect to the Microsoft cloud. 
By default here see my Windows computers in the Microsoft cloud even though I do not use it much.
You just have to turn sync on.
I just looked on finding my Microsoft devices logging in to Microsoft and see about 1/2 of the devices registered.  (tablets, laptops, desktops and old Microsoft Phone).

Here use PFSense as first line of defense for computers on the network the for Microsoft computers use whatever Windows 10 comes with. And the browsers run Adware blockers (well like Ghostery).
I have a Synology NAS and use their Synology C2 cloud backup.   It is set to backup every night at 1am and it sends me an email to confirm that it has been done.