New improved Acoustic Magic microphone available


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Sudbury, MA (PRWEB) January 7, 2005 -- Acoustic Magic, Inc. today announced a 50% improvement in the frequency response of its Voice Trackerâ„¢ array microphone.

Because of its high sensitivity, background noise suppression, and wide field of view, the Voice Trackerâ„¢ array microphone has proven to be very effective in picking up participants throughout a large conference room. Now that the Voice Trackerâ„¢ has a cutoff frequency of 11.25 kHz, talkers in recordings or in conferences will be more clearly understood.

The Voice Tracker™ locates a talker and electronically steers a “listening beam,†like an acoustic searchlight, in that direction. This creates spatial filtering; sounds from other parts of the room are not picked up. In addition, digital noise reduction processing removes background noise. This two-stage noise reduction, coupled with the sensitivity of eight microphone elements, gives the Voice Tracker™ outstanding range and sound quality.

“We believe that our Voice Trackerâ„¢ intelligent array microphone is useful for meeting recording and conferencing because it automatically scans a full 180 degree field of view and can even pick up speech from behind,†said Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic. Because of its long-range (25 plus feet) the Voice Tracker â„¢ is sometimes mounted on the ceiling to remove tabletop clutter. “Rather than installing an expensive sound system with a microphone for each person, Voice Trackerâ„¢ is a simple and cost effective solution.â€

The Voice Tracker â„¢ array microphone, which was originally developed to facilitate automatic speech recognition by eliminating the need to wear a headset microphone, can be connected to PCs, conferencing hardware, or handheld digital recorders.
This would be a great addition to Homeseer 2.0's capability of having "remote" computers "recording" the voice command and then "sending" it back to the server.

In other words you do not have to run this microphone back to the HS machine. You can use it on any PC in the home. Just run a "remote" application on that machine for this capability.