Noise Isolation & Cleaning


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I notice when I turn on some appliances, including the AC... the power noise interferes with my TV and other equipment.

I currently have UPSs (APC server quality, SmartUPS 1000 & 1400).. previously was using Tripplite LCR-2400 and they seemed somewhat worse.

I'm wondering what type of noise filtering/isolation the UPS use?
I see the Monster and Belkin brands talk about Phase 3,4,6, etc... what do these mean?

thanks for the info!
Your equipment should be on separate lines than the appliances (which may be true in your case). You may be able to get some help from an electrician as there are sometimes items where moving the breakers can have an impact (I am not an electrician) but that may be more appropriate when large draw items are involved. Regardless they may be a good source of information as appliances are not supposed to have that impact (note AC units should not be on the same line as any other items which could be part of the issue).

Hope this helps.

Explanation of different filtering for Monster Power (down below):
thx Mike.

I have a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the AV rack.
The Monster info is decent but really does not tell me the differences other then at a high-level.

Anyone know about the Belkin equipment? I'm not a huge monster fan and would rather buy belkin... more cost effective too.
I use different products to accomplish different goals:

Belkin or Leviton UPS for power backup (mostly PCs and monitors but also use on my main TV and SAT receivers)
Monster HTS 5100s for noise isolation (overpriced with lame MOV surge protection but cheaper off ebay and look okay in an AV stack)
Brick Wall Series Mode surge filters (in addition to any UPS or Noise Filter). This is what actually protects the equipment.