OMNII II PRO Installation Manual Newer than 2003 (FLASH CHIP under U29 Socket)


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Since I have had Ethernet issues on my original HAI OMNI II PRO, I purchased a USED updated controller, with the FLASH (EAROMS) under U29 & U30. It did not come with a manual, and the only manuals I have from many years are based on the old design I purchased in 2001 (USES EPROM).

Does anyone have a PDF of newer boards?. There are jumpers like JP10 & JP15 under U29, I assume are for EPROM/FLASH options. No manual came with the board.

I want to start testing this board soon, to verify it's operational status and verify it was RESET to factory, and I'm not locked out during return window.

Thanks for any assistance!
I've never seen a PDF / Manual of my OmniPro 2 panel with descriptions of jumpers under U29.

Personally would leave the panel on the workbench and power it up connected serially / via Ethernet and download configuration. You can also just plug in a console and verify the default configuration password. Thinking it was "1111".
Hi Pete!

Yes, I plan to wire in a console to see FW version and set IP Address. I received confirmation from vendor yesterday they RESET THE ROM & RAM prior to shipping.

I know there were lots of changes to the board, some including a daughter card above U29. My printed manuals are from JAN 2002, and I have PDF of 2003 vintage manuals I had downloaded from HAI website. I know functionally the boards are the same. I hope LEVITON improved sensitivity of the Ethernet, since I have read a lot of 2000 vintage boards seem to have suffered Ethernet failure, and I'm missing using my iPhone to control, or status, remotely using SPACE or SNAPLINK, thus had to do some predictive programming to control lights based on behavior.

Thank goodness when I built the house I installed a CAT5 cable to be the serial connection link from my office (RS232) on Laptop Dock to the IT closet, so I can make changes the way I used to prior to Ethernet.

I'm going to do a prelim checkout on the bench this afternoon, but I was hoping Levinton had updated the manual in PDF format, but I was never able to find one. Yes, default installer code after RESET is 1111.