OPII can't set RC2000 setpoints any longer

Mr Spock

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HI all
I've had my OPII system since 2013 and use it to, among other things, control my RC2000 thermostats (2 of them).  All has been fine for the last 9 years.  I could control all stat functions from higher level software or directly from Dealer PC access using Send Command.
Starting last weekend I noticed I could no longer set either thermostat's hot or cold setpoints.  I can still turn the stats mode to off, cool, or heat but I can no longer control the setpoints.  So I seem to still have communications with the thermostats, but for some reason can't control the setpoints any more.  I can control the setpoints from the thermostat's themselves, so they seem to still be functional.
With HAI/Leviton gone I'm not sure what to do.  I've power cycled the panel.  I've pressed the "output reset" button on the panel.  There is nothing in the HAI Event Log.  I find it hard to believe both thermostats are damaged.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
When you change the set point with PCA or Omnitouch or Snaplink does the thermostat show the new set point?
Try disconnect the power / serial wires for a bit and then connect them.  
I tried using PCA and the security keypad.  They did not work.  I don't have an Omnitouch or use Snaplink.
I like your idea of cycling power to the thermostats.  I'll try that.
Yes do the power cycle. Then check the cool setpoint min and heat setpoing max settings.

I have never seen set point issues with my serial connected Omnistats generation 1 and generation 2. 
You can adjust the range of the set point on all Omnistats.
Cool/Heat Limit
These items are used to limit the desired temperature settings in cool and heat mode. The desired cool setting can never be set below the “Cool Setpoint Min” setting and the desired heat setting can never be set above the “Heat Setpoint Max” setting. The default setting for cool is 51°F. The default setting for heat is 91°F.
Check this too.
RC-2000 manual

Personally never touch or change the thermostat settings here...just look at the status and settings on the thermostat or via Home Assistant or Homeseer or the Omnitouch pro screens.  I use a few wired inside and outside remote HAI remote temperature / humidity sensors and have added tasmota WiFi ==> MQTT sensors in every room these days.
Wondering if you are still having this problem? I have an RC2000 with the same issue. Including the issue of the LCD screen not displaying (contrast is way off), so I took it apart and noticed the solder had begun to crystallize. There is a term for it. But it pretty much ‘grows’ little fingers and causes tiny shorts on the board. There are number of optocouplers on the board that had a large amount of the crystallized solder on them. Those optocouplers protect the serial communication lines of the microcontroller if someone shorts out the terminals or connects them up wrong. If you have crystal growth on them then there would be issues with the communication to the HAI panel. Just an FYI I am really disappointed with the quality of these boards and the materials used in there construction. Some of the via’s are the old style rivets and not the proper fully tinned via’s found on boards these days. I thought manufactures stopped using rivets decades ago!
If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!