Package Tracker 0.9 (beta)


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DISCLAIMER: This script is still in beta, run at your own risk!

This script will let you monitor packages using the provided tracking number.

Supported carriers are:

Airborne Express
DHL Express

Copy the script to your script directory, and create a recurring event i.e. every 45 minutes, that's it!

To add a tracking #, just create a device, using the tracking # as the name, and set the type to "package" (can be altered in the script).


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I will probably install this tonight.

Since I know very little about scripting...

How hard would it be to add some sort of web frontend, where you could just select the carrier and type in the tracking number?

This way if my wife wanted to track a package she wouldn't have to learn about events.
With this script, all you have to show her is how to add a device and selecting the package type. The script uses, so you can go directly to their site if that's what you are looking for.