Perl script to create HAL macro.dbf from text file


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one of the HAL's most annoying limitations is its point & click interface to add tasks. it's slow and tedious. so i wrote a script to automate the creation of the tasks database from a text file. you'll have to figure out what to put in the text file (what to put in what fields), but if you follow the instructions, it will dump out the contents of your macro.dbf file into a text file that you can edit...
Sounds great! Can't wait to try this out in the next week or so.

If I have FoxPro, could I just edit the DBF file using FoxPro?
yes you should be able to edit it directly w/ foxpro. after editing it, copy the .dbf and .fpt files over to your hal dierctory, delete the cdx file and restart hal. hal rebuilds the cdx file when it starts up. make sure to backup your files just in case.