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ORLANDO - With today’s introduction of PowerHome2 beta software, seamless integration of competing home automation products is now a reality. The three most popular home automation protocols now can be used as one with PowerHome2.

David Howard, developer of PowerHome said, “My goal has always been to make home automation easy to use and available to everyone. But, there were always competing home automation devices requiring different automation software to run them in the home. Prior to PowerHome2 you were forced to choose between Insteon or UPB devices and hope you chose wisely. With PowerHome2 you can run Insteon, UPB and X-10 devices together, making automation of your home a lot simpler and making the choice of which protocol to use less important.”

Further, David Howard said, “I’ve included a new Quick Setup Wizard making it easier for a new PowerHome user to get the software up and running fast.”

About PowerHome Software
PowerHome2 is a home automation software package that allows control of home lighting and appliances as well as home theater, audio, video, infrared devices, and security systems. Lighting and appliances are controlled via Insteon, UPB and X-10 controllers. Infrared control is achieved through various IR controllers. Access to digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs and analog outputs is also available. PowerHome2 is integrated with the ELK M1Gold security system. PowerHome2 is compatible with the newest automation devices including Smarthome’s Smartlinc, Insteon Thermostat, and SimpleHomeNet’s EZRain and other devices. With its programmable interface, control is achieved via keyboard, mouse, web, Email, X-10, IR, voice recognition, socket communications, Windows Messaging, RS232 and, with its built in web server, even internet enabled cell phones like the iPhone and Treo.
New Pricing
PowerHome2 beta is available until October 15th for $69.95 from www.Power-Home.com. After October 15th, the release version of PowerHome2 will be available from major online home automation retailers and the website for $99.95. All present users of PowerHome are entitled to a free upgrade to PowerHome2.

About PowerHome Automation LLC

PowerHome software was developed in 1999 in an effort to make home automation available and useable by everyone. Constantly evolving as new automation protocols and devices were developed and as demand for a comprehensive software product grew, PowerHome Automation LLC was founded in 2004 by David Howard. Since 2004 PowerHome has emerged as one of the top home automation products available and is used in homes throughout the world.

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Free upgrade? Now I feel even better for supporting the little guy. If I could still return my houselinc software to SH I would send the refund to Dave too!
It's well worth it.


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It's good to see other solutions handling seamless inter-protocol operations. I use HCA and have depended on this feature to bridge X10 & UPB for several years now. When they added Insteon early in 2008 I was able to integrate a whole bunch of new devices. Once you switch on a UPB controlled light with an X10 hawkeye, or group UPB/x10/Insteon lights together (HCA actually times out the protocols so all devices in a mixed group activate simultaneously), you'll wonder how you lived without it...

Now if only Z-wave would get added...