Recommend X-10 house controller?


Hi - My house runs off a CM11A W/Activehome 1.42, nad has been successfully doing so for 6 years (before that, a CP290 for over a decade). - I have 19 modules and 20 macros, and a HCA02-10E repeater.

It probably works right 99.5% of the time, but that 0.5% is an annoyance. Modules trigger macros that trigger modules, but not quite always, occasionally a light missed a timed on command, a few lights sometimes turn on for no reason, etc. Also, since I'm now using the CM11A with WinXP, I have no monitoring available to me to assist with debug.

I'm thinking of blowing a couple of bills to replace all my modules with 2-way (some of them are more than 10 years old and may be part of the problem anyway), and I'd like a controller/software that has

1) well designed hardware component, so that it helps, rather than hinders, system reliability
2) software doesn't need to be any more powerful than Activehome
3) doesn't cost a fortune
4) can take advantage of 2-way to verify operation and state, automatically
5) I like being able to download to the module, I think it aids reliability.

I made the mistake of buying ActivehomePro. It went back. I'm considering the Smarthome Powerlinc & Plus SW ($120) (the essentials doesn't give you timed macros). But I'm wondering what else i should consider.

If you still need the ability to upload to your controller then the newer Insteon controller is probably your best choice.
can you be more specific (which Insteon)? also - is the Insteon stuff pricey (and overkill for my application?)

if I punt that requirement what does that open up to me?

I envision a system where all my keypad controllers trigger macros, and all modules are actually always turned on/off ONLY by the main controller. Since the modules are 2-way, and the controller is 'smart', this should 100.0% guarantee that if the (macro) command reaches the main controller, the module WILL end up in the desired state.

Someone recommended "homedomaination" but I'm not sure it does everything I want.

If your requirement is to load all of your logic to the controller then the 2414U is the one you may want to consider. If you want to use an always on PC the HomeSeer is a very good software package for a HomeAutomtion back end.
The 2414U doesn't yet have software for using conditional logic disconnected from the PC. You can set up simple timers, but nothing with if/then logic.

Right now, for Insteon conditional programming you have to leave a computer running.

Since you already have an investment in X10 equipment, have you looked at the Ocelot? While somewhat dated, it offers a lot of bang for the buck.