Recover gigabytes of lost hard drive space!


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The Inquirer posted an article showing how you can recover unused/lost hard drive space. Here are some of the numbers:

Interesting results to date:

Western Digital 200GB SATA
Yield after recovery: 510GB of space

IBM Deskstar 80GB EIDE
Yield after recovery: 150GB of space

Maxtor 40GB EIDE
Yield after recovery: 80GB

Seagate 20GB EIDE
Yield after recovery: 30GB

Unknown laptop 80GB HDD
Yield: 120GB

Not sure if I would trust it, but I am considering doing this for my dvr, where the risk of data loss won't be as painful.

i dont know.... this sounds like some bs to me :)

even if there is a side program to "add hdd space" it cant increse the physical limit if you reformat the drive you sould be having max saving space anyway w/o "hidden partitions"

i dont know, maybe im wrong tell me what happens with your drive :D
well some of it is bs, there is indeed more hidden space, usually reserved for bad sectors etc, but after doing some research, it looks like those extra partitions would be overlapping, so you really aren't getting as much, plus you corrupt the partition table, so this isn't worth it.