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Remote equipment connections


I'm thinking about moving all my A/V equipment from being adjacent to the TV, to a media closet. But one issue is nagging me... cables. The cable runs would probably extend beyond 25-30 feet. Since is is either impossible or very difficult to find cables (component, tos-link, rca, etc.) this long, how are the 'pros' making these connections? custom made cables?


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Hi Threadhead, welcome to CocoonTech :)

Most cables can be custom made, but I am not sure about all cables, like the tos-link cable. You probably could find some of the cables you need at http://www.cablestogo.com, they have many cables, in many (rare) lenghts.


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I run a 25 ft VGA cable from HTPC to front projector. I have a 50 ft toslink cable that I thought I would use, but haven't. Since PCs and equipment are all in the same area, most of the cables are traditional lengths. Long speaker wires to whole house audio (12 gauge multistrand wire).


I used these guys to solve that problem. You can send 4 audio signals over one cat5 cable. The sound quality is surprisingly decent. You can also send video and digital (coax only). I have 2 100'+ runs working great.