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Remote Pool light switch - UPB or ZWave?


What about an HAI/Leviton Auxiliary switch?  Would that work?  I have a couple spares of those.
I have never used a UPB Aux switch.  In my old home I just used UPB switches where the 3-way switches were.
IE:  2nd floor of home had a second floor hallway switch by each of the 4 bedrooms.
The UPB relay will work.  You can also connect a relay to an output on the panel and control the wired relay like a switch.


1. Do I need PC Access, or Upstart?
Yes.  Its free now. I have posted a link above for the OmniPro manual and PCA
Pete:  You said above that you posted a link for the PC Access free version - can you repost that or tell me where to find it?