Requesting Suggestions for Remote A/V Intercom


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Hello all,
I'd like to set up an entry intercom/camera system for my specific application, and am asking for suggestions for preferably 'off the shelf' solutions that aren't super expensive.
Parameters of the environment:
We live on acreage and have a front gate on the property.
Distance from the main house to the gate is approximately 500 feet.
The gate has a solar/battery powered automatic opener system.
There is currently no additional power at the gate, but I do plan to run 110v power there soon and/or additional solar to provide a POE source.
I've got good wifi coverage all over the property to my local LAN, and have an additional directional Ubiquiti repeater I'm planning to add near the gate (to run off the aforementioned POE source).
I'm wanting to add video/audio intercom capability at the gate that will allow us to interact with unexpected visitors, day or night, via any of the various PC's that reside on the LAN and also our mobile phones.   If the system can include the ability to trigger the gate opener remotely (all I have to be able to do is close a simple circuit) that would be a plus but I've already gotten some other ideas get that ability so it's not a show-stopper if that's not part of the intercom system.
I'm a software guy by trade and am reasonably familiar with IP networks, and although I've never dabbled with VoIP/SIP, the prospect doesn't scare me.
I'd like to hear recommendations from folks on how to gain the audio/video intercom capability that I described using readily available components.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Viking or Talkaphone.
You're not going to like the price.
Other than that, I see aiphone's IP intercoms with smartphone interaction.