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retrofitting Google Home/Alexa/IFTTT functionality into classically remote-controlled Hunter Douglas


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I am in a home which had previously installed Hunter Douglas window and skylight blinds with a handheld remote controller (the oblong-shaped "Hunter Douglas Platinum Remote Control" sorry, can't post links yet as a new member).
What is the easiest way to let the blinds be controllable by Google Home/Amazon Alexa/IFTTT or some other automation solution?  Thoughts:
- Can I use a kind of 3rd party fancy remote which is then itself wirelessly programmable?  The fancy remote would essentially act as a radio relay.  This is probably the cheapest option but also most brittle in terms of stability?  
- Can I buy some kind of aftermarket IoT part that I can attach to the blind (kind of like where the battery pack is on the blinds) to make them smarter/programmable? I was told that the official Hunter Douglas IoT solution, "PowerView," can't be retrofitted into these blinds :-(
I also have many manual pull-string Hunter Douglas blinds that are functioning perfectly fine.  Can I somehow make them automated with a motor and wireless control option as well?
First time posting, thanks for the help!


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I have not attempted, but it's on my list of todos. I have the IR generation of Hunterdouglas cell shades. it would be a pretty simple matter to use a globalcache wifi IR repeater to send IR commands to open/close. My ISY can send commands to the global cache, and it's also integrated as a smart home device on Alexa. The most difficult part would be getting 5V power in a wife friendly way for the global cache unit at the headrails if you don't already have a 12v or 5v power output there. 
My other shades use somfy motors with a zwave interface. Look at their website "somfysystems" for retrofit drivers for non-motorized shades. They seem to know what they are doing. 


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Thanks!  For future readers, the globalcache products mentioned are the following, I believe:

Another option may be:
I have not tried any of these options yet.  I have also contacted but not yet received responses from retrofit motor vendors.