Review of QuietCool Fan


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We have started living in our new house in the Seattle area. We choose not to install AC but did install a QuietCool fan in the master bedroom. The master + bath + closet has about 350ft^2 of space. The quiet cool fan was a breeze to install in the framing stage, at most an hour. I had no sheet rock and attic power close by which simplified things. I'm controlling it with a standard UPB appliance module.

It is safe to say that the claims they make on their site are accurate. It is very quiet and it moves a lot of air. The 200 CFM Broan bathroom fan is louder than the 1500cfm QuietCool fan. The sound it does make is low frequency air movement, not the higher pitched mechanical sound coming from our bathroom fans. We both sleep with it on and can talk in a whisper. We don't have a TV in the bedroom but I suspect you would not even turn it up when the fan comes on. We've had a few hot days and with a window open it draws air across us and keeps us cool. I haven't taken temperature measurements but those 90F days we had were very comfortable to sleep in. WAF has been very high. So high that we are probably going to get at least one more for the kids rooms. They recommend 1 per room which seems like overkill but if cost is no object go for it :)

Thus far thumbs up.

Here's a link:

Be aware that this is for the Seattle climate, other climates, especially those with high humidity might not fare so well. I suspect that climates with low humidity and a house where the house temp is higher than the outside temp will really benefit from this fan. For us that is evenings after very hot days.