Premise Revisiting powering off amp when stopping the media player

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I have had this issue for ages and put up with manually turning off the amp/receiver in my living room when I stop something playing in mSense/MediaPlayer.  What I have is:
Media > Xantech Matrix Zone > Pioneer Receiver.
When I start something playing (radio, MP3s, etc.) in that zone, the receiver kicks on via IR just fine.  But when I stop playback, the receiver does not shut off.  If the radio is what was on, it just keeps blasting away as my Xantech matrix does NOT kill the input when Premise sends the stop command.
So I thought a script would do it.  But I can'tr seem to find a way to attach a script to the media player itself.
So what I am looking for is, when I stop playback and that zone was live, Premise would send a power off command.
Any thoughts?
does the transaction viewer show the 'off' command being sent?
No it doesn't.  Funny thing too, when I stop playing any other zone that connects straight to a power amp, the mute button shows on, meaning a poweroff command was sent to the Xantech switch.  But on the zone with the receiver connected to the output of the zone, the poweroff/mute never happens.
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