RG6 Quad Shielded or not


Hello everyone.

I am currently planning the wiring on new construction and have looked all over for specifics on weather or not to select standard RG6 60-80% shielding or QS. If I read anyone's comments that support it, they simply state do it but don't give the techie details as to why. I'm looking for more reasons than "it is better for HD signals."

Can anyone provide me with or point me to good resources to understand why I should go QS?

In fact, I am looking at CAT5e vs CAT6. I understand the bandwidth advantages for CAT6 but what applications are driving for >gigabit performance in the near future?

I really appreciate ANY adivce anyone would take the time to provide.

Happy wiring....
Take a look at this link; it may help.

As far as Cat6, I wonder the same thing sometimes. What often seems like overkill today feels like a missed opportunity tomorow.
Don't have any links at the moment, but I have read many articles stating QS for HD or better. But more important is the specs like 'sweeping'. For good HD quality cable, it must be swept to 3 Ghz, the best broadcast type cable is swept to 4.5 Ghz. My guess is you won't find any good quality RG swept to 3Ghz in less than QS, don't settle for the 1 GHz sweept stuff - its for your basic cable... Also critical is getting solid core vs copper cladded steel. I'll find links later if I can.
Thanks for the feedback Opie and Steve. Sweeping and solid core is more variables do need to consider and appreciate the comment. I will ask my wiring guy what rating he plans on using. I will probably end up with this look :lol:

I will see how much more these factors will drive my costs....but whatever it is I'm sure it is cheapier now then later :)

One of my TVs is wired to the cable system with RG-6. It suffers multipath interference (ie. it leaks) on channels 4 and 6. The interference is gone when I substitute RG-6QS. I don't know all the particulars or rules, but based on that, I'm wiring my new house with RG-6QS.
Photon, Do you know the specs for sweeping on the two cables you tested? Just curious if this variable played a difference...see Steve's reply re: sweeping.
wryork said:
Photon, Do you know the specs for sweeping on the two cables you tested?

The quad shield package claims it is sweep tested to 2300 MHz. The other cable was installed by the cable company more than 10 years ago. I have no specs.