Rip Guard from Macrovision


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I've got Google's News site setup as my portal and saw this little spew on it as a side note.

A Google search resulted in a whole lot of random stuff, but also this interview with Adam Gervin, VP of marketing for Macrovision, which only mentions it briefly.

I'm surprised that I haven't heard a peep out of anyone either here or on AVSForum about Rip Guard, especially in the htpc sections.

What really jumped out at me in the first article is the claim that, "Rip Guard DVD is a unilateral content protection system that is applied to DVD discs and requires no additional software or hardware to be incorporated into PCs, DVD players or DVD recorders."

Is that even possible and does anybody have any additional info or thoughts?

edit: scratch the part about nobody talking about it. I just saw a 200+ post on AVS about it. Not sure how I managed to miss it.
ah, thanks Smee.

I went to AVS right after posting this and saw that thread sitting at the very top staring me in the face.

I visit AVS multiple times a day and have no idea how I managed to miss it.
it just pisses me off that they are doing this, they are not going to stop the 'pirates', just the people who want to play their damn dvd's on their PC. I returned a DVD to Wal*Mart today because it wasn't true widescreen eventho it was advertised as, and I enjoyed it, I think I am going to do the same with any future 'crippled' DVDs I buy, maybe that will get their attention.
From the research I've done on this, it sounds like it some sort of physical change made to the DVD that makes it very difficult to copy - meaning it will be difficult to overcome with software.

But then again, DVD firmware hacks are miracle workers (I hacked my 12x single-layer DVD burner into a 16x Dual-layer burner with a little firmware magic). So perhaps this will only be a momentary setback.
Has anyone tried the Sima DVD copy protection remover? I've been considering adding this to clean up my picture for in-house distribution...