Simply Automated Switches


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I noticed that Simply Automated has updated their web site.
Have you noticed the holes in the tabs and body of their switches? Having those holes increases the surface of the aluminum, improving heat disipation and increasing the wattage ratings on the switch. These holes, and making the body of the switch out of aluminum allows them to have higher rated switches without adding the wing tabs on the side of the switches. Creative engineering.

See attached picture

I've using their switches US240 since it first came out and it's been like this. Maybe the US1130 is the old version you are refering to.
The US1130s have always been that way too IIRC. They're rated at 900W for this reason I believe.

edit: In fact, the two switches on the left are US1130s and the one on the right with the multi faceplate is a US240.

Nice to see the US240 has the rounded corners btw. The 1130s can be a pain to fit into older boxes due to their square corners. My house was built in 1958 and I've spent a fair amount of time with a cutoff wheel equipped dremmel getting them to fit in some boxes :blink:
I did not mean to imply that this was a change, I have made a slight change in the wording of the first post. Thank you for your comments.
Hey, want to see a real heat sink???

Here's what a 2400 Watt UPB dimmer looks like: