Snap-Link No Control of Remote Units


I had installed Snap-Link on my Michigan PC and it was working fine when we left for the winter. Pete C had helped me set it up for messaging and all was correct.
Today in Florida I installed Snap-Link and I can connect as normal to Michigan... Status, Security, Temperature etc, etc all display correctly, but when I click <Control> , all units have "On" status, and I know from my Ring cameras that they are NOT "On". And if I select a unit, the command window doesn't function...the heading show the unit as "On", and if I click <Off>, nothing changes. Any thoughts...?
Also, I left my copy of Dealer PC Access in Michigan.  I had saved a download address ( but the software i no longer there.  Is there another way to get a copy?
Thanks very much
Thanks for the PC Access file, Pete. There is no uninstaller for Snap-Link, and it doesn't show in Control Panel > Programs to be able to uninstall it...
Yes; originally it is supposed to run off of the USB stick. 
Just remove the directory on Windows that it runs from and then copy the USB stick over to a file folder on your desktop and run it from there in XP mode.
When running it you should see it sync with the OmniPro controller.
Did all that...synched properly with the controller...can see temps, status etc, but all units display with status "On" and unable to turn off.  There is actually one light that is on, and I can see it from my Ring camera, so I know for certain that it is not turning off when I press "Off".
Good post @LQtechvn.
The issue is probably related to powerline noise.

BTW here have no issues remote controlling X10, UPB, Zigbee and Z-Wave controllers / devices plugged in to my Omni Pro 2 panel using old and new Snaplink (Windows and Android), Omnitouch Pro screens (Windows), Homeseer touch screens (Windows), Home Assistant (Linux) and or Homeseer (Linux). But that is me and my configuration which is a tad over engineered.  The Omnipanel does not offer any sort of feed back relating to connected PIMs / devices.
Following up with information for @LQtechvn and @pete_c :  My lighting is a mixture of X-10, Insteon and UPB.  I believe some of the connectivity problems are related to the furnace motor, because I noticed in the summer (with furnace off) if I turned off the air conditioner (therefore the condenser motor), I got no signal noise readings, but if A/C motor was on, noise was very high and commands to lights did not work.  I'm surmising that now in winter, the furnace motor may cause similar behavior.
Thanks @pete_c for sending the download link for PC Access.  I had a failed installation the first time b/c I think the file was corrupt, but on re-download and install, all working properly.  After uploading controller file, I am able to control lights remotely, as confirmed visually from Ring cameras. Snap-Link still not functioning, but not necessary if have same functionality with PC Access.
The old Snaplink should work.  That said I called Leviton last week about the OmniProTouch software asking if there was any place to purchase it.  They told me that it is now license free.  I tested this on a few Windows computers to work fine until a couple of days ago and now it doesn't.  Thinking I am going to give them a call again relating to this issue.  I am wondering now if Leviton did something to the licensing server.
Pete - I've been on the hunt lately for OmniTouch Pro again and came across your post from 6 months ago. I see where you called Leviton and they said the OmniTouch Pro software is now license free - but where do you get that non-license version? Or did you call them back and they changed their story...
Leviton support gave me a license. I had two other licenses previously purchased.
I found out that I can replicate one license to my 15 tabletop tablets just copying the directory and configuration files.
In the HAI designer app just point and upgrade the touchscreen IP.  Works fine.

Omnitouch Pro runs much faster on an Atom based touchscreen than the Omnitouch 5.7e screens

Now my Windows based touchscreen run Homeseer Touch and OmniTouch Pro. Omnitouch Pro is used for security keyboard at this time. I put an exit on the main OmniTouchPro touchscreen.
Thanks for the info, I just reached out to them via email. Which Atom based touchscreen are you using? I would imagine many things run faster than the 5.7e! Thanks again!
The original OmniTouch Pro software was written for Microsoft CE tablets.  Works fine with old embedded Windows and new Windows 11.
Each tabletop also runs Windows SAPI speech.  I have been collecting voice fonts since the 1990's.
It is a custom modded Intel based OpenPeak tabletop touchscreen with an Intel Atom Z520 (1.33 GHz, 512KB L2 cache).
Custom modded with an SSD drive, Realtek Gb Nic, wireless / bluetooth.  Here run Windows embedded, Ubuntu or Android on them.  It also has a 1st gen Zigbee radio and a DECT chip in it.  Gorilla capacitance touch screen.  Little workhorse tabletop touchscreens.
The Openpeak was sold by Telco vendors as one of the first in the cloud telco services device and by energy companies to manage your Zigbee thermostat.
No response from Leviton today, I'll try the 800 number tomorrow. The website says 800-722-2082, I assume that's the number you called.
Looked at my emails to support from last year and it was the same person that I dealt with for all my Leviton HAI products.
Chris Hensel
Technical Services Representative, Residential
T: 800-824-3005 Option 8
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. | [email protected]

Reviewing my dialog with support. I had two original licenses registered and they gave me another license number. The new license wouldn't register. So instead just copied the running version of Omnitouch Pro.
Leviton never released a license free version of Omnitouch Pro.

That said figured out how to copy the HAI Omnitouch software from one computer to another by just copying the software directories.

BTW the original Windows Snaplink software works well for a touchscreen and there is an overlay / theme that appears to look like the Omnitouch 5.7e screens.