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I think we'd be fools not to be at least interested in security tools. On that note, Grisoft's AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is also toward the top of my free favorites list.

Hi Carson and you all,,

yes, FreeAVG7.5 is very powerfull. All the PC-magazines recomand that. And -of course- I use it too.
Together with Search & Destroy 1.4 it is all I need for cleaning my PC.

Ok, I'm a fan of free software.

So I'm using also Open Office, because it is more powerful as the MS-Office-suite. One example: it can export PDFs.

and I'm using Opera, not only because it is free. It is also much faster and safer than the IE and much more comfortable and handles all my email too.

For handling grafic there is IrfanView excellent for cutting, (also fine-) rotation, resizing, printing, inserting text, compiling panorama-pictures etc

And if you want to have each and everything in painting and working with grafic, try GIMP.

Also free -but a simple nag-screen until you have paid a mini-amount- is the TotalCommander which is much better than the Windows-Explorer.

And a lot of other free or at least rather cheap software.


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Awesome! The MS Powertoy will do just perfectly. Now, does anyone know a smart way to copy the X newest files in a folder to another folder with a simple command line.... in Windows? Linux would be easy. I will be using PowerHome, so I guess I could have PH open the Windows Explorer, navigate to the right folder, sort by date, select the top X files, and copy them somewhere, but there has to be an easier way.



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Does anyone know of a Windows command line version of "tail"? Looking for freeware, or very low cost shareware. I've found many with a GUI, but I need to use it in a script. Thanks!


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Wow this thread is like really nice. I use half of the stuff listed and am trying the other half. Here are some freeware gems in my own favorites basket:

TCPview - view open network connections, where they go, and what program is opening/using them

NirCmd - command line util that is similar to wizmo, but has a lot more functions, and more options

speedswitchxp - changes the speed of your processor from your system tray. VERY lightweight, accesses speedstep technology to save batteries, lower heat, and extend computer life

Mentioned earlier, cant stress enough:
truecrypt - Create virtual hard drives with 256 bit encryption, or fully encrypt your operating system.
keepass - notes and password manager, fully encrypts all data. You can send the saved data file over plain email that includes all of your passwords, fully encrypted.

Does anyone know an x10 windows command line program thats simple and free?


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I found an app oh so long ago, that will let you fire off Firecracker commands through command line.

I used to use it to send commands to a circuit in my house that X10 couldn't hit. I set one of the X10 RF to powerline wall modules to a specific housecode, and got around my issue like that.