solution for apartment complex remote gates


I'm trying to come up with a worthy proposal for our apartment committee to secure the compound's gates

19 apartments in a complex
4 pedestrian gates along perimeter with hydraulic arms
gates are 20 feet apart in a line along the fence, have 110VAC moderately easily within reach and have hydraulic arms to close them.
Approximate distance between each apartment and its closest pedestrian gate is 20-50 feet

Need for a way for visitor to approach at least two of those gates and buzz a selected apartment (intercom not vital but nice)
Need for a way for dwellers to remotely open any gate.
Need for a way for dwellers to either use a key/remote FOB to let themselves in through any gate.

I'm thinking our options are:

- Telephone enabled system hard wired to dial apt. tels. (expensive,tedious wiring, keeping in mind it's more than one gate!)
- Wireless doorbell (do they really work?) + some sort of electronic striker - still plenty wires.

Can anybody point me in an alternative direction? Preferably the most wireless solution?

P.S. I've been consumed on this forum since I joined yesterday! Great articles and threads to learn from. Thanks!!
Recently I've used DoorKing's exclusively and have had good luck. If you are going to repeat the main kiosk at each of the four pedestrian gates it is going to get very expensive. The big DoorKing models should be able to handle multiple gates. The good thing about the DoorKing is that once you get to the main telco box you get access to each apartment through the telephone. Good luck.
Thanks for the info.

From what I see on the site, those seem pretty bulletproof but I'd have to liase/order directly with them since there's no representative for here.