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Somfy limits gorped; how to fix?


I have Somfy blinds connected to my OP2 and someone was working with the Somfy remote and managed to get the limits out of whack.
For some reason the original homeowner setup the blinds as follows:
  •  8 blinds arranged 4 across by 2 down
  •  6 HAI outputs: 1 for the top and bottom shades on the far left, 1 for the top and bottom shades on the far right, and 1 each for the remaining 4 shades in the center
  •  4 Somfy channels: 1 each for the top and bottom shades grouped together
Can someone point me in a direction to reprogram the limits?
I know how to do it for a specific channel using the Somfy remote, but the combinations are throwing me off...
thanks and happy NEW year!


Aren't those instructions for new factory-defaulted remotes?
I found "Adjusting the Limits in User Mode" in rts-pocket-programming-guide PDF from service.somfy.com
I just need to reset limits for a couple of shades and don't want to redo all from scratch..
Also, how do I "add temporary channel to each blind"?


Senior Member
On Somfy, remotes are "stupid" so they don't need to be reset, but it's the blinds that remember remotes. To remove or factory restore the motor, this varies depending on if it's a 120v motor or 12v motor, or a motor with external receiver. Do the motor factory reset, then you can set the limits and then "pair" the remotes.  
Here is a good video to start. Then follow his other videos depending on your model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXlmaPgASXA
Long story short, remotes each contain a serial number, and the motors "pair" with that serial number to operate. The motors can store eight (I believe) serial numbers. But no matter the remote or blind, they all operate on the same radio frequency. Not unlike a garage door opener.