Sony DVPCX995V


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Anyone use this and automate it using IR? The price is right ($280 I think) and it has HDMI, etc and scaling (but sounds like upscaling may not provide much).

The ES version has serial connections but at $800 it's a little harder to swallow the $520 for that connection.

Looks like DVDLobby has support for it on an IR basis, and I'm guessing many others (direct global cache, cqc, ocelot, etc).

I was originally hesitant to get the previous model knowing that an updated one should be out and have upscaling, HDMI output etc, and now that it is here, seems that I have some decisions to make.
Mike all the users that use DVDL with IR-based changers say that it is either slow, unreliable, or both.

If you shop around, you shuld be able to find a CX777ES for $475-$550... still more than the 995V, but much better if you want to use DVDL or any other controller to operate it.

I've been using my CX777ES with DVDL for about 9 months now and am extremely satisfied. I may get another this spring as I've almost reached max capacity on my current changer.

There are a lot of posts over at the Cinemar Forum discussing this. In particular, the "upscaling" the 995V performs will likely not be any better than what your set may do (If you have a microdisplay-based set with a native resolution >480p) - unless you've got a really big screen and plan on handing the hdmi output off to an external scaler that can work some serious magic on it.

Here's a thread: that explains it all much better than I can, and a thread where I learned quite a bit myself.
Thank you, that was quite helpful. Can you give me some recommendations on where to look for those prices? My searches have all been around $800 so far, although the low end model is much cheaper.

I've been checking Amazon, OneCall, eCost, etc.