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I've been lurking here for some time in a silent effort to collect knowledge from the masses in regards to the vast options available in HA, security, etc. I'm currently building and have chosen the Stargate/Caddx option as it seems that the JDS product line offers such flexibility and ease of programming. I've added the IR Xpander for centralized A/V control and an I/O board for all the other goodies. It will all be controlled by a URC MX-3000 transmitting in RF to the RFX to the IRX, etc.

I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be alot of users here setting up camp with JDS. Is there a specific reason for this? Bad experiences? I would love to hear any comments or suggestions, good or bad (I'm not easily offended :angry: ).
Welcome mhensell!

Everyone is welcome on this board. I think there are a couple of Stargate users here but not enough. We just started carrying the Stargate a couple of months ago and I really like some of the features of it. When we do our next office move (probably in about 6 months) I'm planning on using a Stargate. I like the way it integrates the automation with the phones and thermostats.
Obviously, I'm one satisfied SG user. I use a "suite" of hardware including Stargate, IR Xpander, relay expander, Web Xpander, LCD keypads and Caddx. I added HomeSeer to this setup a few years ago.

I think the reason you don't find many SG users on general HA boards like this one is 1) SG relatively expensive and therefore generally limited to those who can hide the Mastercard bill from the wife, and 2) SG has its own unique set of technical issues and most users subscribe to

There are also a growing number of SG users on the HomeSeer board.

As far as my opinion about SG? I have used SG for about 7-8? years now. Despite its age, I still think SG is a great piece of hardware - very stable, flexible, fairly easy to use and a lot of possibilities for programming and add-ons. Also a great user community. SG, like any other controller, has had its issues over the years - some firmware/software bugs, the occasional component failure seen by a few guys, and the occasional strange behavior with the phone board. Jeff at JDS has generally been very responsive to fixes, but for some reason, issues with the phone board don't seem to get the attention they need (a personal peeve).

The best thing I ever did with Stargate is to add HomeSeer a few years ago. Now I appreciate it more than ever. Check out the JDS forum on the HomeSeer Message Board.

Interesting comment about the phone board not getting attention: A friend of mine (who actually is the first person who introduced me to home automation) has a Stargate and he loves it, but he says that the Caller ID has never worked. A bit of research on my behalf showed that the problem is likely due to the different ADSI message used by Multiple Message caller ID in Canada. In the Us, the phone number is a type 2 message, called the Subscriber Number. It is always the caller's full 10 digit phone number. Here in Canada, the phone companies send a type 3 message instead, the Dialable Number of the caller. This can be 7, 10 or 11 digits long, and can always be used to return the call directly with a feature key on the phone. I mentioned this to him so that it could be passed on to JDS but nothing was ever done about it.
I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be alot of users here setting up camp with JDS. Is there a specific reason for this?

Nope. This board is slightly over a year old, and the only way word has gotten around has been by word of mouth. You will see a lot of HomeSeer users here, but this is NOT a "HomeSeer" centric board. It just means that when Electon started this board, he went over to the HS board (were he is active also) and said "Come on over!". We've since picked up a several HAL users, and Dean Rodney has setup a tent for CQC.

When I worked on the glossary (yes, I will get back to it someday), I went out of my way to be hardware/software/vendor neutral, so as to keep the board open to everyone. I believe that Electron, BSR, and the other contributors have also done the same.

If you want to see more JDS people here, then (in my best southern preacher voice) "Go forth and spread the good word!" :D

Whoops, almost missed you're post count. Now let's see, where did I leave my blue apron? Ah, here it is.

mhensell, Welcome to I mean CocoonTech! :D :p
My entire backbone for my home automation is my stargate and it's been very stable for the four years that I've been using it. Of course the Stargate has it's limitations, which is where Homeseer comes in and compliments it's weaknesses very nicely. I use Homeseer for my web interface and the Stargate has all the sensors, phone, etc. connected to it.

I believe homeseer has now come out with it's own hardware interface, and I can't speak to how it compares to the stargate, but I love the combination I've been using and won't switch anytime soon. The LCD keypads are sprinkled about the house and allow flexible control.

I frequent JDSUSER's maillist, but it's nice to see mention of the SG outside of that group!
The HST PRO-100 controller is basically a mini-itx based PC running Windows XP embdded, so it is going to be one of the most flexible systems around. I am intrigued by the Stargate device tho, it sounds like it is a combination of an Ocelot and an alarm panel, is there an introduction guide somewhere? How would it stack up against the Elk M1 Gold?
People can (and have) use the Stargate as an alarm panel, just like some people have used an Ocelot for the same thing. Just don't claim that it's an alarm panel for things like insurance discounts, etc. Because it's not UL listed as an alarm panel, if there is a break-in or other problem the insurance company will void your insurance quicker than you can say "I'm screwed!" The Elk, HAI, Caddx are listed as alarm panels.
That's great to know, I didn't realize the insurance companies had a list of approved alarm systems. Fortunately, I don't list an alarm system on my policy. I'm running out of digital inputs after building out my basement, so I just may add a Caddx to my layout once I finish organizing and documenting what I currently have. Maybe I can justify the purchase with the saving on home insurance!
Looking for some help. I've had my Stargate for nearly 20 years now. Recently, I was editing some variable default values under define in WinEVM and it messed up the display for defining variables. I can still see/edit other devices - it's just the variable pop-up that is mostly blank except for some partial text along the left side. I've tried replacing files from a backup installation but that has not solved the problem. I don't know enough about which files control what to understand what I need to fix. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I reluctantly mothballed my Stargate quite a few years ago. One big problem I was having is that WinEVM would not run right on Windows 7 and higher. Even the serial drivers didn't seem to work anymore. I'm not sure what OS you are using, but I can't help but wonder if that could be the reason you are seeing odd behavior. Do you have Win95?