Sticky Keys!


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I seriously hope that the person who came up with the Stickey Keys software idea for Windows will be fired and never work on an Operating System again. It doesn't matter how many times you disable this damn 'feature', heck, I even tried disabling it through the registry, tried it all, and it still keeps activating on all computers I use. This happens on most XP computers I have seen, and it always happens when it REALLY is the most inconvenient (i.e. entering of a password, or you are deleting a file, and all of a sudden all your files are selected). Judging by some messages on other forums, I am not the only one having this problem, but I seem to be running into this issue more and more lately, and it is getting pretty frustrating.

Wasn't there a virus a while back that did that - turned on sticky keys? Maybe you have that, e? I never have a problem with it here... don't you have to hit the key like 5 times quickly for it to activate? Holding a key down doesn't do it... How are you getting it to pop up?
It's not a virus, since I have had this problem on many XP systems, even on new builds, maybe it's just the way I type (I tend to use shift a lot since, even for long words, as I am a faster typer), but still, if I disable that feature and shortcut, I can't imagine why this is still happening. It gets really annoying when this happens through Remote Desktop or other remote management software as it becomes very hard to disable.
BraveSirRobbin said:
I hate sticky keys also. Especially when diet coke gets on the keyboards, man that is the worst, oh wait ..., never mind! ;)
I thought spilled diet soda didn't get sticky.
I must admit that I was about to tell you to spend more time with your wife but I did restrain myself. Then John made his comment...