Storage deals

Time to rip that CD collection!!!! hehehehe

200MB will fit close to 200 CD's with APE and many more using mp3 (yuck).

With just about any drive, you'll always find people who've never had problems and people that will never buy them again.

One thing to note, however, is that both of these drives only have 1-year warranties. You can still find drives with 3-year warranties (and some Seagates have 5-year warranties). You will normally pay more for the longer warranties.
I personally stick with Maxtors now, eventho I would have avoided them like the plague several years ago. This could be like a Ford vs GM debate :huh: I personally do not consider a hard drive 'secure/reliable' storage, and count on my backups on 3 remote devices/locations to be there for me in case something does happen (oh and my freezer lol).
Sorry to beat a dead horse but i will soon be looking for more storage solutions. I plan on building a fairly large movie library as soon as i figure out howto setup mainlobby.

I figured id post here to let you all know that if you find a good deal on 500gb - 1tera arrays then let me know. So far i have seen teras between $900 and $1000 with a quick look. Thats a little more than i want to spend so id like to get as much storage as possible for about $300 or so. I wont be buying any time soon but keep your eyes out for me in case some great deal comes along that i cant miss.