Stylistic Touch Screen Differences


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Ok, I had lots of questions on the different versions of the Stylistic touch screens. Since I figured others might have the same questions I am summarizing the information here:

X - 10.4" Screen
Pentium 3 400MHZ
Indoor Viewable
6GB Drive
XGA (1024 x 768)

S - 10.4" Screen
Pentium 3 400MHZ
Outdoor Viewable
6GB Drive
SVGA (800 x 600)

C - 10.4" Screen
Celeron 400MHZ
Indoor Viewable
6GB Drive
SVGA (800 x 600)

From what I can tell, the CPU comparison between a 400MHZ P3 and a 500 MHZ Celeron will be close (noting that celerons don't have a math coprocessor if I remember correctly, so some functions will not be the same).

3500 R - Outdoor viewable
3500 S - Indoor viewable

Both have 500 MHZ Celeron
10.4 " SVGA TFT
128MB or 256MB RAM
15GB drive
Built in modem/ethernet

I am eyeing the 3500 as I plan to use it indoors, and having 2000 installed on it (granted I could reinstall). Drawback is the resolution is 800x600, but the 3400 only has 1024x768 on the X model which I don't see much of.
One other Fujitsu thing is that a P in the model stands for Passive - which means you can use a finger on the touchscreen. An A is for Active which requires a special stylus.

The Active versions come with XPTablet OS.
The Passive usualy come with XPPro.

This is for later models.

They came in Indoor / outdoor and transflective which is a compromise for both (not great in either) screen type.