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Whole House Machine
University of Southern California is currently experimenting with a "Whole House Machine", a machine which can build an entire house, and even create complex designs which are currently not easy or possible. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is currently playing with a prototype to see if it can be used to build moonbases out of lunar dust.

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VOOM is no more. The satellite service provider, which was dedicated to bringing you as many High Def channels as possible, is no longer accepting new customers, or finishing any installations. Their page says they will cease to provide service to existing customers on April 30, 2005.

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VR without microphones
New Scientist is reporting that the military (DARPA) is working on a way of capturing speech without using any microphones. Non-accoustic sensors will be used to detect speech via the speaker's nerve and muscle activity. This would eliminate the problem of background noise, and this would even work with whispering. More technical details are available in the article, so go check it out.

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