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First off let me start by saying what an awesome system! That's why I want one.

Currently I have an ADT safewatch system with two keypads that I'm scrapping. Here's what I think I need to aquire:

Extra ELK-M1KP
Two M1XSP (for SAI UPB Interface and W800RF)
ELK-M1RB (to control my garage door and sprinklers)
Elk-M1DBHR (to retrofit cabling from my two ADT keypads)

I'm going to just wire in my existing motion and contact sensors from the ADT system. Any other cables, connectors, etc? Do I need a ELK-M1DBH, WO35A, a bigger enclosure?

Eventually I'm going to add another M1XSP to control my RCS themostat I'm just settling on, a ELK-M1PR for easier access and a NX-448E to add some moisture/flood sensors and smoke detectors.

SpaceCowboy- Welcome to the M1 club! I just did something very similar. Replaced an aging AT&T 8300 system with M1. Currently have the SysG4, M1XSP, M1XIN and M1DBHR. Just ordered the ethernet M1XEP as well.

The M1DBH and DBHR are basically the same except the DBHR splits the RS485 bus into up to 8 lines. It is intended for homerun cables. I had three keypads homerun into my closet so I went that route. If you don't have homerun I would use the DBH which is RJ45. I have the DBHR connected to the control, then there are 4 connectors that support 2 homeruns each. I have the Input Expender, M1XSP, and Keypad going to the DBHR and will be adding touchscreens when they are available. Only thing to watch is that the hub only supports up to 8 runs/devices, so if you have lots of keypads and lots of expanders, you could run out of room - not sure if you can add an additional DBHR. You can only fit 2 extra add ons into the 14" enclosure on slide guides. I have the M1XIN and M1DBHR in the can and I will mount the devices with 'cases' like the XSP's and XEP on the wall next to it and route short cables into it.

You should have no problems putting existing contacts, etc into it, just make sure the zone is programmed correctly for NC, NO or EOL. It is set as EOL by default. Beware for smokes only Zone 16 supports 2 wire, any zone supports 4 wire.

Also as Spanky (David from Elk) said in another thread - W800 is not supported quite yet but should be available shortly.

Any other questions, just ask. Hope this helps...
I do highly suggest a bigger can. I have the standard and as I keep adding more and more I wish it was the larger can. I just haven't had enough urge to switch it out yet.
The 14" box/can that came with my M1G kit is filling up fast. I don't have it mounted properly yet and think I should swap it with a bigger box before I go any further. I like the look & feel of the Elk 14" box and I want all the Elk stuff to mount easily in whatever I get. I will be surface mounting (hanging ON the wall, not in the wall) the box and the wires will be coming from behind. I think a 28" tall box would be right as anything taller will be somewhat inaccessible where I will be mounting it. I would like a hinged & removable door, rather than something with screws.

Is the Elk 28" box my best bet? Or some other brand? Martin, can you get the Elk box?
Y'all may want to go back and look at THIS thread again.

My theory is that an enclosure is a lot like a hard drive - no matter how much space you have you will always find a way to fill it up. I think it is impractical to keep upsizing the box and redo the wiring, etc.

So, my plan is that I put all the core M1 stuff like the control, input expander and data bus hub in the standard enclosure. I will then either surface mount things like the serial expanders on they wall. They do come in a nice black enclosure that is easily mounted. Or, if it is important to have everything fully enclosed and/or locked, I would think ganging multiple enclosures together either right next to each other or via conduit would yield the neatest and most flexible solution. When you run out of space, simply add another enclosure and route the wires through them.

If you look at my post - last one on first page of above thread, I reference a closeout enclosure. It is Elk's 14" with the mounting holes upside down - no biggie. Great deal at only $11.50 (plus a lock if you need one). You can put together a lot of these boxes for the price of a large one and probably have more usable space. Note that this really only works if you are surface mouting, not recessing.

Anyway, I'm not a cabling or layout expert so this is just my opinion.
Yeah, at $11.50, that's a tough deal to beat!

We do have can though that range in size from 12" to 50" if you need them including the Elk 28" can.
Martin, we cannot buy what we cannot see! :( How much is the 14" can, the 28" can and the camlocks?
Martin or David - Now I've seen different pictures of the same items. Can you tell us what items come with the black surface mountable cases? I know the M1XSP's do - what about the XEP or other items. I guess it would also help if the item did not come with it, if it (the case)were available separately and what cards/options would fit in it.
Mike said:
WayneW said:
Martin, we cannot buy what we cannot see! :( How much is the 14" can, the 28" can and the camlocks?
I thought the same thing until I found it later. The enclosures are under structured wiring (does make sense after you find it...).
Gotcha! None of that is Elk stuff. :) It may be Elk compatible, but it isn't the Elk stuff that martin implied that he carried.