The BEST Telephone number EVER For your CellPhone!


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Some of you may have heard of this alredy, and know how great this service is! For those that haven't Read on!

The number is 800-555-TELL (Do NOT call 800-555-TALK! I did this by mistake once :blink: )

It is a FREE information service that works with Text to speech and voice recognition technology. You can ask for information such as weather, traffic, movies, theatres and showtimes, horiscopes, Lottery numbers and so much more! The Voice recognition Technology is simply amazing!

Here is a sample of when I call to get show times:

When it picks up, I simply say "Movies"
> "Ok Movies, please say a city and state"
"West Palm Beach, Florida"
>"OK, West palm beach Florida, Please say a movie name, or new releases"
"The Pacifier"
>"OK the Pacifier"
(Brief description and rating, you can intrupt at any time and just say the name of a theatre)
"Muvico Parisian 20"
"Ok the Muvico Pariian 20, here are the show times for The Pacifier:......"

They also provide door-2-door dirrections! Never get lost, again!.

It's a free call from a landline, and just the cost of minutes from your cell phone. This is simply an amazing free service! I just wish I could get HomeSeer to interact this well, and I would LOVE to have the speech engine they are using!!!!!

Note: They do limit the calls to around 5 minutes
Wow...that is nice... but I tend to be a little suspicious. With all the other companies charging for this information, why are they offering it free. Do you know anything else about them? I would hate to think that they are harvesting phone numbers off callers.
I just checked out their website and it looks like it truly is a free service, they probably use as it as sales tool/demo for their other offerings. I didn't see any fine print or anything else suspicious.

I'm very impressed...somebody really is offering a quality service for free these days!

Thanks again for the heads up!
In terms of the Text-to-Speech (TTS) portion, Cepstral offers a nice engine with affordable voices. Cepstral's two newest voices, David and Diane would be able to provide talking alarms, weather, news, etc, for HomeSeer.
Cepstral, thanks for the link. THe voices are clear and priced well! Many of us have HomeSeer speak differnet weather ect. What I meant was the total speaker independant recognition, as well as the unlimited vocabulary.

For instance, for dirrections to work in HomeSeer, you would need to tell HomeSeer EVERY street name that you would ever want to use.... Not likely :blink:

The service is power by "Tell Me" which is the same services that powers 800-555-1212 (800 number information). I beleive this is a way for them to advertise the versatility and clarity to prospective clients. Immagine calling a large business, and the computer answers and you just tell "her" the name of the person you want to speak to ect. She then replies that he is out to lunch, would you like to leave a voice mail ? ect.... the power of speech recognition is really starting to finally catch on......
Hey, next we'll just use that technology as the front-end to an IT help desk solutions database, and we'll have no more outsourcing to India for help Desk calls!!!

Oh shoot, I probably should have developed this on my own without disclosing my plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD with this stuff...

If they were going to replace a help desk with this technology, I bet they would still use a voice like Ohahr or Habib so we still couldnt understand what they were saying!

The only thing worse than calling a help desk, is trying to call a Chinese resturant and have them actually understand what you are ordering ;)