[Tutorials] Controlling Your Home Automation Controller with Tasker


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NOTE: This tutorial/project is extremely simple to do.  Since I took the time to explain and detail all the steps, the tutorial looks much longer than it really is.  If you are technical minded, you will be able to do all of this in just a few minutes, and if you need help, just post in the comments.
Whenever you ask about the must-have apps for Android, Tasker is a name which appears frequently on this list (and I do highly recommend it myself).  Tasker allows you to automate every aspect of your Android device, such as your phone or tablet, making it easy to turn on/off features of your device based on conditions and variables.

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How would one toggle the state of a lamp (with Homeseer)? I saw a pretty cool Tasker demonstration online and he was toggling the state of lamps as opposed to turning them on/off (the idea being that if you are voice controlling a lamp in a room you won't ask to turn the light on if it already is).


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I proposed something similar to a leading mobile client for the ElkM1g on September of last year:

"My top priority enhancement would be the ability to control the M1g via Tasker (without having to log into the application), or using widgets. It would be awesome to have the ability to Arm/disarm, launch tasks, and control outputs/lights with a quick touch without waiting for the app to launch and query all the zones."

The author was enthusiastic, but the app has not been updated yet.