[Tutorials] How to check if your car is at home, using an X-10 motion sensor


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Checking if your car is parked in your garage or if it's on the road is rather easy to do, and the advantages are pretty big:[*]You can have your Home Automation system announce "Honey I'm home" when you pull up (my wife likes this one, since she can't hear the garage door, and she absolutely hates it when I sneak up;)).
[*]Monitor if your kids arrived home safely/in time.
[*]Automatically secure the house when all cars are on the road.
[*]Turn on the power to your garage door opener automatically if you get close to your garage (some people like to use an appliance module to control the power of the garage door opener, acting as a backup security mechanism).
[*]Have your outside lights turn on when arriving home at night.
The house can automatically greet you and get ready to provide you with the latest voice mail messages, weather etc.

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