UPB C# Source Code?


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Does anyone have some C# sample code for sending/receiving UPB commands?
Yes, I'm planning to play with the protocol.  No, I am not planning to write another HA Software product.  This is just a fun little exercise to see if I can get my teenage son interested in programming.  He has already expressed an interest in this project.
Have a look here maybe
Cloning UPB
There is stuff here on the forum from a few years back relating to same topic.
Been playing a bit with OpenWRT on a bunch of devices and the Almond +.
I am able to get stuff working (barely) on my OpenWRT router with 8Mb / 32Mb for play which is a good thing right now.
Goofing a bit looking to modify the tiny Almond + GUI on it lately.  Much faster and more play room on the Almond +.
Just realized that the Casa Verde box roots are in OpenWRt....I've always had one; played with it for a bit then put in the HA automation box of discarded automation stuff....
OK, so I am going through the UPB Description doc and trying to understand it.  I have a simple program that connects to my PIM and simply reads any data.  Here is what I am seeing:
Device ID is:  14 (0x0E)
Manually turn the light ON and I receive two messages:
Manually turn the light OFF and I receive two messages:
Can someone explain these messages?  I need some help getting started at understanding the UPB description.
This may be of interest:
Back to the message:
The "PU" is described in the document above.
The remaining fields are in hex.
The next 4 characters (0804 or 0805) are the Control Word. It's made up of a number of bit fields so reference the docs.
To explain part of it - the 04/05 indicate the packet will be sent 2 times and the 04 indicates it is the 1st, the 05 the 2nd.
The next 2 characters (2A) are the Network ID.
The next 2 characters (00) are the Destination ID - 00 is the value for the "Broadcast DID".
The next 2 characters (0E) are the Source ID - which matches the device ID you mentioned.
The next 2 characters (86) are the Message Data ID - 86 is the value for "Device State Report".
The next 2 characters (64,00) are the value being reported - as you can see in the docs 1 to 17 values can be reported here - here there is only 1.
64 hex = 100 decimal and 00 hex = 0 decimal.
The next 2 characters (D2,D1,36,35) are the checksum - see the docs on how it is computed.
Hope this is enough to get you started.
Thanks soooo much!  This is VERY helpful.  I was struggling to get started.  Now this is making much more sense to me!
I'll play around a bit to be sure that I have it down then I will introduce these concepts to my son.  Of course, he make grasp it faster than I did (young minds).
Thanks again!!!
This Command Wizard program from PCS is very helpful.
You follow through the prompts entering the parameters of the UPB command you want to send, including extended commands, and it generates the serial message.
like - PU08042A000E8664D2
By tweaking different parameters and observing the resultant changes int eh serial message you can gain a very good understanding of the protocol.
It is also useful as a dubugging tool to confirm the message you are sending is the correct one with the correct syntax.