USB keystones and higher-rate charging

You are correct on all counts.  I've been through enough bad transformers to know how things DON'T work.  Anker has been a reliable source thus far.

My goal here is to avoid dead-ending my installation by using built-in USB sockets.  And to avoid having ugly-ass 12v sockets on the woodwork.

circled 20180410_122351.jpg

So I'm brainstorming on ways to 'get there'.  The areas circled in red are places where I'm thinking of putting a flip-up door, kind of like a Crestron or Extron conference table cubby.  A door with either an open section along the bottom or a cut-out, to allow the cabling to come out neatly.  It's not pictured but I use an iOttie wireless phone cradle mounted just to the left of that red circle.  
I can either go with mounting 12v socket 'inside' a cubby or use some USB pass-through keystones.  That'd let me mount the 12v sockets inside the helm console.  
Neighbor kept updating his boat for a few years.  The he sold it here in the midwest.
Then on a recommendation drove down to Miami and purchased a nice almost brand new board on song and a an auction...lots of bells and whistles..
I have an old car (convertible)  in storage which has a nice real wood console which I have left alone.  I like the original OEM stock look.  I have done a couple of updates to it but they are hidden from the stock stuff.  The automobile is so low to the ground that you sort of crawl in to it.  When sitting in it your feet are in to the engine compartment.
My interest here is one of functionality.  I've put in a few months worth of trips at the helm (lower and upper) and have some things that need to be different.  Not too much, as it's possible to go entire crazy with upgrades.  These were all largely bespoke interiors, so no two are exactly alike.  This being Hull #2 of about 40 total.  
JonW said:
JonW, on 20 Feb 2019 - 01:17, said:
I've used a few panel mount USB power connectors from PowerWerx. Drill hole, run 12V to it and it's done. Never had an issue with their stuff.
I already have one of their Anderson PowerPole plugs going in an aft compartment, for a high-amperage air pump for paddleboards and floats. Three position setup, on/off, Anderson, 12v cig. socket.