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Ok, I made this thing over my lunch break and is not meant to impress, just to get some feedback on the format and maybe some hosting suggestions for this type of media. I don't think screenshots relay what my software does.

I am hosting off of my cable modem, so bandwidth may become an issue.

Let me know what you think (about the video, we will criticize the software later ;-)

Vaughn <- Video is there =)
That is really darn cool. What hardware are you using to monitor the sensors? Also how did you create the 3D version of you home. What devices are supported? You have a great program going there. I think this should be put up in the articles section of cocoontech so that it gets plenty of attention.
My main goal is to make a project like this affordable for everyone, so my house uses minimal hardware.

I use:
PowerLinc USB Controller
Dryer based Phase Coupler
Sensors are DS10A and MS16A from X10
Lights are almost all Insteon with a few SwitchLinc V1 where there are no neutral wires.
AB8SS Speaker switch for 8 zones of controlled audio.

I had used Phidgets for digital I/O, but replaced most of them with DS10A sensors.

I can not afford any more hardware for a while, so coding support for an ELK or Ocelot is not possible now. Hopefully as I get further alone I will be able to aquire more hardware and code support.

The software is Free and is being hosted on SourceForge (I am still working on packaging and making the initial setup easier, but will be available for download soon.) It uses MySQL for a backend, which is also available for free.

The graphics were designed with Better Homes & Gardens Home Design Suite 6.0 (a subset of Chief Architect 9) and Photoshop CS2 v9.

Thanks for the feedback,
Very nice demo! I am big on voice messges so I was extremely impressed with the attention given to the speach engine.

Well done!
This is very intriguing. I use Chief Architect, and am interested in testing this out in the new house.

Can not wait for more info!

Good work friend! :unsure:
Someone took my site out =) I called the GF and had her look at my web directory and the Index.html page is gone. I did not think I would be a target at this point ;-)

Anyways, I will try to get my homepage moved to SourceForge's hosting. Hopefully that will add some security.

Sorry for anyone trying to look at it today.

LOL, Never send a GF to do a geeks job.

We will be reviewing how to use File Explorer soon.