Video surveillance software - free


This software is to capture and detect motion and record it to your hard drive in AVI or MWV format. Any CCTV camera will work with this all you need is a capture card.

CatSpy is a video surveillance application, which enables you to create a video surveillance based on cameras connected to your computer.

It includes complex motion detection, a pre-motion recording facility and uses all DirectX 9 compatible capture devices.

The detected "motions" are recorded as an AVI file, compressed by any DirectX 9 compatible compressor installed on your machine.

CatSpy - Video surveillance software ( capture on hard drive)
.Supported cameras
The following webcams have been reported as working. Please note that any camera with a DirectShow (or DirectX) driver must work.

Camera supplier (Logitech, Pinnacle, Hauppauge,...)
Camera type (QuickView, PCTV pro,...)
Camera Connection (USB, USB2, PCI-Card,...)
Operating System used (XP, XP SP2, Win ME, Windows 2000 SP4,...)
Driver Version (if known)
Please send this to [email protected].

Current list of cameras
Camera supplier Device Mgr Descript. Camera type Connection Op.Sys Driver Ver
V-Stream Crescentec DC-1100 Xpert DVD Maker USB2 XP SP 2 USB20Inc v.
V-Stream 2388x Video Capture Xpert DVD Maker 10Bit PCI Card XP SP 2 Conexant v.
Link Depot Dual-Mode DSC 2770 Digi-GR8 Mini Cam USB 1 or 2 XP SP 2 SQ Technology v.2.3.304.0
USB GMPC-01 SoC PC-Camera WebCam on a Flex-Stick USB 1 or 2 XP SP 2 SoC PC Camera v.
VP-EYE 2.0 STV0673 Camera Stationary WebCam USB1 XP SP 2 ST-Microelectronics
K-World USB 2800 Video Video Converter USB2 XP SP 2 eMPIA Technology v.0.99.909.0
VIMICRO VIMICRO USB PC Cam A/V WebCam USB 1 or 2 XP SP 2 VM v.4.2.1126.72
Pinnacle Pinnacle WDM PCTV Video Capture TV-Card / Tuner and S-Video PCI Card XP SP 2 Pinnacle Systems (WDM)
Medion Dual Mode USB Camera Plus WebCam USB1 Windows 2000 SP4
XP SP 2 OmniVision v2.1.11.28
Logitech QuickCam Express Logitech QuickCam Express WebCam USB1 Windows 2000 SP4
XP SP 2 Logitech v.
Logitech v.
Kodak Kodak DVC-325 WebCam USB1 Windows 2000 SP4
Veo Mickey Web Camera WebCam USB1 Windows Server 2003 Xirlink 8/7/2002
GENIUS VIDEOCAM LIVE V2 WebCam USB1 XP SP1a (KYE Systems Corp. in 13.09.2002)
PixelView XCapture n/a Capture Card PCI XP n/a
FUJIFILM S5500 n/a SLR style digital camera USB2 XP SP2 original supplied with camera
Creative WebCam Instant WebCam USB2 XP SP2 1_01_02_0729