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voip and voice recog?


Senior Member
I got a watch phone for our child. It's an LG VC200 from Verizon.  It's a pretty decent little device.
However it's limited to just 10 contact numbers on it.  That's 10 total, in and out.  Which isn't quite enough. 
I'm debating the use of something like a voip number and something with voice recognition to allow it to call a larger set of numbers.  But since the watch has no way to create touchtones it'd have to be with voice recognition only.  
I'm thinking something like use the watch to call the VOIP number and say "call <friend name>".  The names being from a pre-configured set of numbers.  Then have it make an outbound connection, patching the call through.  A pre-configured set of numbers would, presumably, help avoid toll fraud hassles.  No direct dialing at all.  
Anyone experimented with voip and voice recog for something like this?  Any software recommendations?
I've fiddled with incrediblePBX and asterisk but never got around to implementing anything.