Windows Vista speech recognition engine


This is not the only comment I've found in the net talking about the new speech recognition engine that Windows Vista will include. Finally we'll have a spanish (and also french and german) VR system already integrated in the OS.

This other article makes a reflexion about the strategies that other VR companies should take in order to combat the Microsoft monster. Specially interesting when the author says that Nuance should decide to port Dragon Naturally Speaking to Linux.

I hope the Vista engine works well in Spanish, French, and German because from what I've seen it does not handle English well at all.
Hopefully it's an API behind which other vendors can deploy their stuff as well, as is the case with TTS. If there was a a standard API for this stuff, I'd be much more interested in adding support for it to CQC.
I should note, by now, that the demo of Vista's dictation and speech recognition was in Spanish language, and the Microsoft demoperson stated that they're actively "tuning" the engine to each language and locale.

No wonder they demoed it in Spanish. Given its phonetical nature it should be much easier to implement than English recognition. Japanese and German are phonetical and very simple too. But I wonder if it is gonna work in English as well. :)
Doesn't really matter, half the US already speaks Spanish or Spanglish...