Windows Vista? What it REALLY means.


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Well, by now, you have just about all heard that the New Windoze version has been officially renamed from "Longhorn"...

(2 minute pause in the post to go to the door to get my "Bag of Crap" fron Woot)

To the official Name "Vista".

What you probably have not heard, however, is a KEWL acronym I saw in a post yesterday describing "Vista":

Viruses Infections Spyware Trojans Adware

LOL! Thought you guys might get a kick out of that :)

EDIT: (A few minutes later.....)

The BOC (Bag of Crap) contained 2 paperweights/Page holders, and a Remote controlled Dinosaur It will make a great gift for the next nephew's birthday.... Oh, They also included a $5 off coupon for my next order. Not too bad , all in all it cost me $8.00 ($1 each for 3 items (You don't know what you are going to get when you place the order!), and $5 for FedEx shipping). So basically, the shipping will be free on my next order.