Wiring up the smokes...


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I thought I was all done with my planning before the big wire pull this weekend and next. I've discovered in the install stuff for the smokes that they tell you to run all wires for smokes in separate conduit. Is that per the IRC? I can't seem to find a reference on this point and I've seen local installs that don't do that.

Sounds goofy to me also, unless that's a requirement in commercial installs. Once you start to get into wiring in airspaces/ducts/etc. life gets much more interesting.
CDC said:
What kind of smokes are you using?
System Sensor 2112/24ST

It says not to mix the smoke wiring with any other electrical wiring and to place it in a separate, grounded conduit. I haven't seen a lot installs, but I haven't seen separate conduits for smokes...
Hucker, we've used lots of those detectors in the past. I don't remember that note in the instructions. We don't use conduit for residential wiring. Just avoid running LV wiring next to or parallel to line voltage (120/240v) cables. Use FPLR type cable that is red and distinguishes it as fire alarm cabling. I never heard of a local jurisdiction that does not allow open cabling for homes.