xPL Command Question


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I have been using xPLsend.exe to control my Squeezebox music players from my Stargate and from Homeseer. I just send a command like:

xplsend xpl-cmnd slimdev-slimserv.Familyroom audio.slimserv extended=playfile D:\\MP3\\Playlists\\party.m3u

to play a playlist called Party in the Family Room.

Or I send a command like:

xplsend xpl-cmnd * osd.basic command=write\ntext=\\nSelf\s\sDestruct\s\sSequence\s\sHas\s\sBeen\sInitiated\ndelay=15

to display a text message on all of my music players.

What I am having trouble with is finding the correct syntax to play Internet Radio stations. The sketchy xPL docs I have found suggest that to reference a station like http://vruk.ic.llnwd.net/stream/vruk_vr_hi I would need to “escape using the URL-syntax†I have no idea what that means but I assume it requires me to insert % characters somewhere?

Any xPL experts out there who can help me figure out the right command string to play the radio?
That puts it into the playlist but it won't play. In fact the player is in some state where you can't even start playback manually. This must be what the "escaping" is all about but I don't know what to add to the command to to do the escape.
weird. if i get a chance, i'll play w/ it when i'm home. in the meantime, can you put the url in a playlist & just play the playlist?
Just tried to listen to a station manually so I could try your playlist suggestion and I can't do it. In fact I can't play any station (but I can still play songs in my library). Maybe I better go reboot the music server and see if I can unlock whatever got locked up!